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REAL Tools

Online Fintech companies are rapidly entering the Real Estate and Mortgage space, with one goal in mind, to eliminate us. It’s now more important than ever to make sure we are adding value and advising our clients, so we can’t be replaced by technology.

We have several tools, including a Real Estate Report Card, Buy vs Rent Comparison, Cost of Waiting Analysis, and many more that can position us as true advisors. 

Complete this form to request a custom Buy vs. Rent scenario or Real Estate Report Card for your clients! 

In the Market

Stocks are higher after Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook reported earnings and beat expectations. Mortgage Bonds are flat so far. 

The Core rate, which is most important and what the Fed focuses on, is well below the Fed's target of 2%. This provides the Fed with cover to continue Quantitative Easing without the fear of inflation. 

Next week is Jobs Week and the ADP and BLS Jobs Reports are expected to show 2.2M job creatings in the month of July. The unemployment rate is expected to improve from 11.1% to 10.5%. 

We are looking to offer a new tool - Bid Over Ask Analysis tool. This should help your clients evaluate if it is worth bidding over asking price and how long it would take them to recoup their amount over asking based on appreciation. We are really excited! 

Make it a great one!

ReMi & Emily


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