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No bootmgr, keys, or activation methods will be removed from the system. The pre-installed version of Windows 7 Ultimate allows you to use all features of Windows 7 Ultimate at no additional cost. It is recommended that this ISO be installed on a system with at least 2 GB of free space. Also check out:‘GTA 5’ is the latest addition to the growing list of games affected by the PS4 hardware failure. Rockstar Games, which confirmed it was working on the PlayStation 5 in September last year, has revealed that the upcoming open-world action game won’t be released on the console. Talking on the latest episode of PlayStation Daily podcast, Rockstar’s vice president of public relations, Dan Houser, stated that, “Rockstar Games would not release a game on a platform and a brand that wouldn’t be supported by the company.” “We have no plans to release Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PlayStation 5,” added PS4 developer and producer, Shaun Cockell. Interestingly, both mentioned that a lack of shared services was the main reason behind this decision. Also, the team is currently working on a smaller game, known as the ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’, which is expected to be released on the PS4 by early 2020. However, both mentioned that the game’s development is not affected by the hardware failure. “The success of the PlayStation 4 is a great thing for us. That is why we are making a new game,” Houser said. Regarding the PS5, Rockstar’s official blog post on the official website of GTA 5 suggests that the game will not run on the PS5, although some details have been kept secret. “The next generation of consoles will likely bring about a whole new set of challenges to working with new platforms. The only way we can truly keep reinventing is by investing in new technologies. As we’ve done for decades, we’re going to keep making great games and delivering new experiences on next-gen systems and



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