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4-Step Guide to Home Shopping for First-Time Home Buyers

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Buying your first home is a tremendously big deal, one that is as expensive as it is life-changing. There are so many resources out there today giving tips on mortgages, insurances, and other home essentials. With that said, the big question still remains, what are the most important tips to keep in mind when buying a home? Thankfully, We will cover the top tips home buying that will make your house shopping experience simple and easy!

1. Don’t go alone.

This is an important rule of thumb for viewing a property as a first-time buyer. If possible, always take someone with you, preferably someone who has been through the home buying process before. This means that not only will you have a second pair of eyes and ears to see the building and listen to the realtor but you will also have someone more experienced to look into the details of the deal being offered.

2. Never be satisfied with just one viewing of a house you are interested in.

This is an important tip because buying a home can be a decision that will affect you for many years. Therefore, you want to make sure it’s the right decision and you have had the chance to look at a handful of other options. Additionally, it is a great idea to check the property and area at different times of the day to make sure you know what the neighborhood atmosphere is like at all times.

3. Be an outdoor sleuth.

When buying a property it is extremely important to inspect the interior from top to bottom- checking in cupboards, testing the plumbing and imagining what work you might do to make the property your own. What many people often neglect, is to be just as thorough with the outside of the home. Checking the exterior of the property means making sure the building work is structurally sound, that the roof is intact and sturdy, that there are no signs of damage or decay and that you will not be left with major work to do months down the line that will likely be extremely costly. It is a good idea to ask the real estate agent when certain parts of the property were last checked, serviced or repaired, to get a better idea of the longevity of the purchase.

4. Check for shared spaces.

This is more common of apartment buildings than single properties, but checking to see if your home comes along with any shared spaces is an important step to take. Properties built in groups can sometimes include access to shared areas like car-parking, communal gardens, garages, and sheds or laundry and mail rooms. Not only is it a good idea to be aware of these so you know exactly what comes with the property you are looking for, but it's also of extreme importance to understand any further costs or maintenance this might mean for you. Don’t get tripped up with car-parking space charges or the expectation to pitch into the gardening on a communal lot.

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