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4 Step Guide to Buying Your Dream Home

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

All of us have that ideal home in our heads, maybe it is a cabin on a lake, a bare-brick modern apartment or a just a cozy two-bedroom bungalow, perfect to start a family. Whatever you are looking for it is a daunting task to find your dream house out there on the market and the question on everybody's lips quite often is… ‘Where do I begin?’.

Here are some excellent tips on how to begin your search and ensure you

achieve what you set out to do:

1. Know what you want

This may be easier said than done, but here we simply mean have an idea of what kind of home you want before the search begins. This will eliminate that ‘kid in a candy store’ feeling, of seeing so many lovely properties and wanting them all - even if they are not a style you love or are impractical for your needs. Research house styles and think about all the associated benefits AND potential problems with choosing that style. Are the bedrooms in a practical layout for your needs? Is the construction easy to upkeep? Is the kitchen area suitable for the size of your family? Knowing what style, layout, and type of home you want will make the searching easier and quicke

2. Know where you want to live

Similarly to knowing the kind of property you want to purchase, it is a good idea to narrow down your location search as much as possible. Sure you may know the state and city you want to live in, but research the neighborhoods as each will have its own benefits and attractions. Think about what you need in your future area - Are schools important? Your vicinity to shops, bars or public facilities? Think about the work commute time and research typical traffic patterns in the area.

3. Is it a necessity?

You’ve considered the house type and location you are searching for… so now, when looking for specific homes on the market it’s important to make sure you aren’t holding to too tight to an unrealistic picture of what your home looks like. Yes, everyone wants a perfect home but remember you are making an investment, and for the majority of home buyers, that investment will involve time and effort to perfect over the years living there. Do you need that exact fireplace at the time of purchase? Is the perfectly landscaped garden a must-have right away or something you can plan and renovate yourself?

4. Write it all down

There is nothing worse than being on your 5th home viewing and already forgetting the pros and cons of the first two houses you saw. To get the most out of your home visits you need to both be prepared on arrival and keep a log of what you asked and saw when you leave. Taking 10 minutes before you go to write down all the questions you have regarding the property and area will save a lot of frustration when you leave, and another 10 mins in the car after to make a note of all the answers you got and details you noticed will mean that you have an easy way of reviewing the homes you see and choosing the perfect one for you.

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